Monday, June 25, 2012

My Curriculum

As I mentioned earlier, I am teaching PreK for the second year next year! And, I'm uber excited to actually be teaching the same grade level again while using the same curriculum again! Every year that I've taught has been in a different grade with a different curriculum {obviously}, but this year will be different. I have the same grade and the same curriculum.

Here's a run down of the curriculum that I use in my classroom:
Opening the World of Learning by Pearson {isn't he a cutie?!}
Word Time by Handwriting Without Tears {he's cute too!}
Get Set for School by Handwriting Without Tears
And, since I teach at a school that has a religious affliation, Stories of God's Love by RCL Benziger

There's no doubt that I absolutely love my curriculums, but OWL is a new one on the block. I have been scouring the interwebs trying to find others who have used this program in their PreK classroom. If you know of anybody, let me know. I would love to pick their brain!!

As I always tell me students, whom I always call my kids, {and my husband}: sharing is caring, and it can be fun!

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