Monday, September 3, 2012

Bird's-Eye View

It's Labor Day weekend!


Well, I have been in school for three weeks now, and I am finally getting around to writing a post about how my classroom is set up! ugh. Setting up took forever! I had some drama for a little while and was stalled, but I got it done!

Let's take a tour!!!

the outside of my room

here's my parent board of information

 the first thing you see when you walk in

where the kids sign in each morning

all hands on deck (my helper wall)

 the bathroom door

cubbies for the kids' things

 extra board to do with as I choose

the start of where we will count up to 100 days of school

our behavior bay of rules

our clip chart to reward positive behavior and give consequences for negative behavior

surfin' the web

bulletin board to display work!

library center

my ocean of words! (one of my favorite parts of the room this year)

the title of my word wall

 my color wall


my religion corner (i teach at a private school)

weather panda that we get to dress up each day!

we started a rotating schedule this year, and I made this to help me remember what day it is
the panda wears a different colored pair of goggles each day

another way we're counting up to 100! (and learning grouping)

name of my circle time!

birthday wall

my work area (excuse the mess!)

 table set up

my quiet area

circle time area, aka the splash zone